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Welcome to Samsung Metal to serve the customer with the highest technology and service.
Samsung Metal has been developing as a specialized company for producing and supplying across the manual transmission of automobile, automatic transmission, engine and axle at the end of making effort endlessly to achieve the target by establishing the distinctive target of advancement of automobile part industry and enhancing the international competitiveness since the establishment in 1996.
We are making our best effort with the single mind of all executive members and
employees with aiming at acquiring the international quality and price competitiveness owing
to super technology competence, quality level up and automatic production system.
We request your warm encouragement and applaud in the future.
Since its establishment in 1996, Samsung Metal has been committed to become a leading company in the motor parts industry and has accumulated a vast array of technologies and expertise in manufacturing manual and automatic transmissions, engine and axle parts etc.
Not resting on the past achievement in the domestic market, we are determined to be a global industrial leader who provides quality products at competitive prices in the international market
Our commitment has led us to develop cutting-edge technologies such as high carbon carburizing heat treatment and improve our quality standard through an automatic production system.
We are committed to provide our customers with the vest products through superior quality and excellent services. We have always appreciated your support and encouragement and are looking forward to critical comments and feedbacks to better serve you.

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